Percents: Ballparking Percents

What is $$10\%$$ of $$\frac{60{,}270}{49}$$?
Correct. [[snippet]] The answer should be slightly greater than 10% of $$\frac{60{,}000}{50}$$. > $$\frac{60{,}000}{50} = \frac{6{,}000}{5} = 1{,}200$$ So 10% of $$\frac{60{,}000}{50}$$ is $$\frac{1}{10} \times 1{,}200 = 120$$. The only answer that is slightly larger than 120 is 123.
Incorrect. [[snippet]]
Incorrect. [[snippet]] You may have gotten this answer if you didn't consider if the answer should be slightly larger or slightly smaller than your __Ballpark__.
Incorrect. [[snippet]]

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