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Critical Reasoning: Conclusion Weakening Questions

Student: To improve business you should put up a sign offering a special deal of 12 croissants for only $3.

Baker: That would not help my business. I need to sell more of all of my products, not just more croissants.

Which of the following, if true, most weakens the Baker's objection?



Since this answer choice shows a negative side of a special offer, it does not weaken the baker's objection, but instead, strengthens it. If the offer causes customers to think that the baker only sells croissants, then it will not help him sell bread, cookies, or any other products.



The data in this answer choice neither weakens nor strengthens the baker's objection. The price of flour may be an important expense of the bakery, but it does not favor offering, or not offering, a special deal on croissants. Remember, your task is to weaken the baker's objection or to strengthen the student's suggestion.



This answer choice presents a negative outcome of offering a special deal. Since the student is suggesting a special price on croissants, this statement, therefore, weakens the student's suggestion. However, we are supposed to be weakening the baker's objection.



This answer choice neither weakens nor strengthens the baker's objection. Although it may be true, this statement is too general and does not relate directly to either side of the argument.

Well done!


This answer choice weakens the baker's objection. The baker claims that if he implements the special offer, he will only sell more croissants. This statement tells us that such an offer can, in fact, increase the sales of all products in the bakery, and, therefore, directly undermines this claim.

A special offer may cause a customer to think that the product being advertised is the only one supplied by the company.
Bakeries can be affected greatly by changes in the price of flour.
Some marketing experts believe that lowering the price of a product can create a negative image amongst consumers.
Special offers attract customers who would not otherwise enter a store and who could potentially buy products not included in the offer.
Running a successful bakery requires good culinary and business knowledge.