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Critical Reasoning: Conclusion Weakening Questions

Labrador: About one third of the dog population eats canned dog food. However, dry dog food is clearly the best choice for a dog's diet. 

Alsatian: Dry dog food is not tasty. Dogs that are fed dry food should get their owners to buy the canned food for them.

Which of the following, if true, most weakens the Alsatian's objection?



This answer choice directly supports the Alsatian's objection, but the question stem requires you to weaken it. The fact that canned food is very nutritious is a clear benefit of such food.



This answer choice strengthens the Alsatian's objection indirectly by weakening the Labrador's claim. Showing a negative aspect of dry food indirectly promotes canned food. However, our task is to undermine the Alsatian's promotion of canned food.



This answer choice neither weakens nor strengthens the Alsatian's claim. If a veterinarian should be consulted before choosing the type of food for a dog, then there is no a clear advantage for either canned food and dry food.



This answer choice strengthens the Alsatian's viewpoint. It does so by weakening the side taken by the Labrador. If we are told that dry dog food lacks certain characteristics that can keep a dog healthy, then we are led to believe that such food is inferior.

Nice work!


This answer choice presents a negative point about canned dog food and, therefore, undermines the Alsatian's position in favor of canned food.

Canned food contains a high level of meat content and is, therefore, very nutritious for dogs.
Dry dog food is known to easily attract pests.
Dog owners should consult with a veterinarian before choosing which type of dog food to feed their pet.
Because it is soft, canned dog food cannot assist in maintaining healthy strong teeth in dogs.
Dry dog food does not provide the oils that dogs need to keep their skin and hair healthy.