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Critical Reasoning: Conclusion Strengthening Questions

It is widely accepted by nutritionists that calcium is strongly related to bone growth and maintenance. However, dairy products, common containers of this chemical element, cannot be consumed by vegans or people with allergies and unfavorable reactions to milk. Because of the importance of this mineral to the body, people that cannot simply consume dairy products should search for alternative sources of it.

Which of the following, if true, most strengthens the author's conclusion?



The argument deals with a possible lack of calcium, not an over-abundance of it. Because the information in this answer choice is not related to the argument, it neither strengthens or weakens it.



This answer choice weakens the conclusion by asserting that calcium is not as irreplaceable as its made out to be in the argument. However, you should be looking for an answer choice that supports the conclusion.



The fact that calcium is commonly found in the body does not strengthen or weaken the argument. Focus on the conclusion. You should be looking for a statement that supports it.



The argument deals with certain specific reasons for a lack of calcium intake. It does not refer to a lack of understanding. Therefore, this answer choice does not strengthen or weaken the argument.

Nice work!


The argument urges people who cannot eat dairy products to find calcium in other places. This answer choice supports the argument by giving examples of non-dairy foods that can provide such people with calcium.

Levels of calcium that exceed the necessary amount can be harmful to the kidney.
Calcium fulfills certain functions that can be performed by other minerals that are received from sources that are not dairy products.
Calcium is the most commonly found mineral in the human body.
Many people do not consume the amount of calcium they should due to a lack of understanding of its importance.
Substantial portions of calcium exist in non-dairy foods such as spinach and blackstrap molasses.