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Critical Reasoning: Inference Questions

In the past, portable computers were expensive, not very powerful, and heavy to carry. For these reasons, not that many were bought by consumers. As technology advances, these computers are becoming cheaper, more powerful and even lighter.

The statements above, if true, best support which of the following as a conclusion?



The argument makes no mention of desktop computers so we cannot conclude anything about them.



This answer choice makes an unsupported leap from the premises in the argument. Although it seems that being easy to carry attracts the buyers of portable computers, we cannot assume that wearable computers will be popular only based on this fact.



Premise B tells us that all three factors affect the sales of portable computers. The assumption that the price and weight are the two most important factors, is not supported by the argument.



This answer choice cannot be a conclusion to the argument since it contradicts premise B which states that because of the high price, not many consumers bought portable computers in the past.



Since all three factors that once prevented consumers from buying portable computers have now been improved, it can be concluded that a rise in sales is likely to take place.

Desktop computers have also become cheaper because of advances made in technology.
As soon as they become commercially available, wearable computers will be bought by many consumers.
The price and weight of a portable computer are the two most important factors affecting a consumer's decision to buy one.
In the past, consumers were willing to spend more on portable computers.
It is quite likely that portable computers will experience a rise in sales.