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Critical Reasoning: Inference Questions

Gases emitted by motor vehicles are harmful to humans. The more such gases are inhaled, the more damage is done to one's respiratory system. When exercising, larger volumes of air pass through the respiratory system.

Which of the following conclusions is most strongly supported by the information above?



This conclusion contradicts Premise C which states that we breathe more during exercise.



The argument does not mention anything about repairing damages to the respiratory system. This answer choice presents new information that resembles an additional premise. Unfortunately, you should be looking for a conclusion based upon the current premises.



The argument does not provide information about developments in the field of emission-free vehicles. This conclusion cannot be based upon the given premises.



While it is true that vehicles emit harmful gases, this conclusion strays too far from the given premises. Firstly, not all vehicles are motorized and emit gases. Secondly, some vehicles save human lives, such as ambulances.

Nice work!


During peak hour traffic, there are more vehicles on the road, and therefore, more harmful gases being emitted. Based on the given premises, it is correct to conclude that outdoor exercise during this time should not be performed.

When exercising near motor vehicles, one should keep the amount of air inhaled to a minimum.
Outdoor exercise in an urban area should not be performed during peak hour traffic.
Damages caused to the respiratory system are almost impossible to repair.
In the near future, emission-free vehicles will be created to prevent air pollution.
Vehicles are harmful to humankind.