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Critical Reasoning: Inference Questions

Sally has only shown up to a quarter of her classes for a course at university. Her attendance record is below the level needed. This discussion-based course requires a certain amount of attendance in order to properly facilitate dialogue.

If the statements above are true, which of the following must be true?



We cannot conclude anything about Sally's classmates' feeling towards her as there is no data about Sally's social status.



We cannot conclude this answer choice as there is no information given about minimum requirements of attendance; all we know from Premise A is that Sally hasn't shown up to 75% of the classes. Perhaps even 15% of missed classes is too much.



This answer choice strays too far from the original premises as we know nothing about Sally's popularity or the effects of her popularity on the class. Therefore, we cannot infer that she caused the drop in dialogue in class.



The premises given only mention Sally's attendance record and how poor attendance affects the dialogue based class, but do not know whether Sally is the main cause for the state of things; perhaps many others also do not show up.

Well done!


According to the premises, we know that Sally hasn't met the course attendance requirements, which means she might fail. We also know that Sally's attendance record is too low and that low attendance generally affects the dialogue aspect of the class, therefore Sally's attendance record also affects the class as she is a part of it.

Sally is not liked by her classmates.
Sally's lack of attendance has negatively affected the class and her chances of passing the class.
Sally is the main cause for a lack of communication in the class.
Sally is popular and therefore has caused the drop in communication in the class.
The course requires at least 75% attendance.