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Critical Reasoning: Inference Questions

Company GoGo has recently established a new policy of giving the hardest tasks to inefficient workers. Figures have shown that this has made those staff members become highly productive while remaining on a tight schedule.

Which of the following can properly be inferred from the statement above?



This answer choice contradicts the premises given as it was because of their initial inefficiency that certain workers received the hardest tasks. Therefore, they cannot be the best workers.



This answer choice strays too far from the original premises which do not deal with the quality of the company's product.



This conclusion goes beyond the premises given, as we do not know anything about what workers actually did. This statement is in fact an assumption about what the workers must have done that made them inefficient.



We can properly conclude that if workers who were inefficient got the harder tasks and became more efficient because of this, then the problem was not with their abilities as workers, but rather with the nature of the easier tasks.



This answer choice cannot be inferred from the argument. There is a difference between getting hard tasks and working hard; we only know that hard tasks are linked to workers' efficiency but we do not know how hard people work. Some may find it easier to work on harder tasks because these aren't as boring, for example.

In Company GoGo, the nature of the easier tasks, and not employee ability, caused inefficiency.
Workers who are inefficient took too many breaks.
A productive staff will raise the company product's quality.
Working hard is a necessary condition for getting tasks done on time.
In Company Gogo, those who are given the hardest tasks are the best workers.