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Critical Reasoning: Inference Questions

Travel Agency Mina has studied its bookings and found that 35% of its clientèle traveled to Country Rubia while 85% went to Country Sol.

If the statements above are correct, they most strongly support which of the following?



This answer choice strays too far from the premises given. We do not know what was the rate of travels to Rubia previously in Agency Mina, so we cannot infer that there was a fall or a rise.

A single relatively high or low absolute number (in this  case, 35%) does not automatically indicate a trend (rising or falling).



This answer choice cannot be concluded based on the premises given as we know nothing about cancellations - we only have information about bookings.



This answer strays too far from the original premises; the fact that there were more bookings for one country rather than another does not mean that people enjoyed their stay there more. Perhaps a low price or a positive image gave an advantage to country Sol.

Very Good!


This answer choice can be concluded from the above premises based on the overlap in the percentages (85%+35%=120%). If 35% of Agency Mina's clientele booked for Rubia and 85% for Sol, then it can be inferred that some of the people went to both places (at least 20%).



At first glance, it seems that the percentages do not make sense but this is misleading. According to Premise A, 35% of the clients booked for Rubia and 85% for Sol. We cannot assume, however, that clients are only allowed to book for one place. Some clients may have booked for both locations or to other locations.

Travel to Rubia had fallen for those booking with Agency Mina.
Many people cancelled their bookings.
Those who went to Country Sol must have enjoyed it more than those that went to Country Rubia.
Some people must have gone to both Country Rubia and Country Sol.
Travel Agency Mina's data must be wrong.