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Reading Comprehension: Application Questions

Which of the following, if true, could most likely be classified as Structural Unemployment, as it appears in the passage?



We can eliminate this answer choice according to the first guideline: a qualified work force (law school graduates) is available and the job (lawyer) is not in high demand, causing employers to stop recruitment.



The first guideline disqualifies this answer choice as a qualified work force (personal trainer) is available.



This answer choice does not fit the first guideline as a qualified work force (travel guides and administrative personnel) is available.



We can eliminate this according to the first guideline, as a qualified work force (security guards) is available and there is no demand at all (no more need for guards).



Just like in the explanation of Structural Unemployment in the passage, an able workforce (young men) is unavailable to do a much needed job (forestry) because the workforce is unwilling. Good work!

Due to higher numbers of law school graduates, Seattle law firms have ceased to recruit interns, creating massive unemployment in the field.
Because travel guides in Alaska are so sought after, their wages rise and therefore travel companies must cut down the number of administrative personnel they employ.
As crime levels have dropped dramatically in Boston, there is no more need for even the most qualified and experienced security guards.
Although forestry projects in Pennsylvania are in a grave need of loggers, many young men prefer to work in construction, but since there is no need for builders, they remain unemployed.
Even though people want to hire a personal trainer in Texas, they cannot do so because personal trainers are very expensive.