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Reading Comprehension: Detail Function Questions

The author uses the word "dread" most probably to emphasize

Well done!


The author uses the word dread instead of a more neutral word like concern in order to show that tomb raiding poses a substantial problem for archaeologists and historians.



This answer choice confuses tomb raiders and tomb raiding. Tomb raiding is the dread of archaeologists, not the tomb raiders themselves (those who raid tombs). Therefore, we cannot infer the author wanted to say they are scary. Also, the word ruthless (cruel) is entirely unrelated to the context, a fact which could have helped you eliminate this answer choice.



The problem presented in the passage is viewed, like everything on the GMAT, from a technical or scientific viewpoint. Therefore, it is unlikely that the author used dread to focus on the emotional state of the historians. The author more likely uses this word figuratively to stress the problem at hand.



Contrary to this answer choice, GMAT authors NEVER slander respectable members of the scientific community, calling them cowards. There is another, more logical reason for the use of the word dread.



The word dread refers to the act of tomb raiding, not to the disinterred corpses. Therefore, it is not used to describe the corpses' condition.

how scary and ruthless tomb raiders can be
the fear felt by historians and archaeologists  
the severity of the problem tomb raiding poses to archaeologists and historians
historians and archaeologists' cowardice
the dreadful condition of some of the disinterred corpses