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Reading Comprehension: Main Idea Questions

The primary purpose of the passage is to



We learn from the first sentence of the passage that unemployment can be divided into 4 categories, which the subsequent paragraphs describe.



This answer choice is an example of a common distractor -  an answer choice which is too general/broad. The passage deals with merely one aspect of unemployment - its classification.



This statement is too narrow because it focuses on one element which appears in the passage.

The relationship between demand and unemployment is repeatedly mentioned in the passage, but it serves as an explanation rather than the main idea.



In the first paragraph, the author of the passage raises the subject of the dispute over the unemployment terms coined by economists. However, this issue appears only there, and even then the author makes no statement of opinion regarding the issue.

Therefore, this statement is too narrow. The main idea unfolds and is discussed throughout the passage, not just at one sentence/paragraph in the passage.



This answer choice contradicts information in the passage. Paragraphs 2-5 describe the differences between unemployment types and their causes.

discuss the phenomenon of unemployment
explain how changes in supply and demand can create unemployment
review and characterize several major types of unemployment
challenge economists' method of classifying unemployment
argue that all types of unemployment essentially stem from the same cause