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Critical Reasoning: Inference Questions

Bank customers today expect excellent service - shorter lines, cordial service providers, online access to accounts, etc. Each advance in the quality of service further raises customer expectations. Any bank which is satisfied with its current quality of service will soon find that its customers are not. Bank4U has recently announced that meeting or exceeding customer expectations is its goal.

Which of the following can properly be inferred from the statement above?



The argument presents a kind of infinite loop: if the service is improved, the customers want more; when the customers get more, they are soon unsatisfied and demand further improvements etc.

This answer choice concludes that, based on this loop, the bank will have to continuously (and endlessly) improve its quality of service.



Bank2B is not mentioned in any of the premises of the argument so a statement about Bank2B cannot be the argument's conclusion. The argument also provides no data about how the customer satisfaction affects the number of customers a bank attracts.



This answer choice presents additional information rather than draw a conclusion based on the premises in the argument. The argument provides no information about the level of satisfaction of Bank4U's customers. It merely states Bank4U's goal regarding that level of satisfaction. 



The conclusion presented in this answer choice goes too far beyond the premises in the argument. We do not have any information to make such a judgement about a bank's satisfaction of its own customer services.



This answer choice provides new information rather than a conclusion based on the given argument. While this new information is relevant to the topic that is being discussed, it cannot be the conclusion since it is not drawn on the basis of the exiting premises.

Bank4U was among the first banks to introduce online services.
Bank4U's goal will be met only if it continuously improves its quality of service.
Bank4U's customers are currently satisfied with its quality of service.
Bank2B will attract more customers if it also adopts Bank4U's goal.
If a bank is satisfied with its quality of service, the quality of service is more likely to decline.