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Critical Reasoning: Conclusion Strengthening Questions

Jane's love of Italian food is surpassed only by her love of operas. Jane and John's third anniversary is next week. John has made dinner reservations for Grande Restorante, and has bought tickets in the best seats in the Opera House for La Traviata. John contends that Jane's satisfaction with the anniversary is guaranteed.

Which of the following, if true, supports John's conclusion the most?

Very good!


This answer choice strengthens John's conclusion. Since the restaurant he's taking Jane to is the best Italian restaurant in town, it increases the likelihood that Jane will be satisfied.



This answer choice weakens John's conclusion as Jane is unlikely to enjoy her least favorite opera.



This answer choice weakens John's conclusion, by citing a similar case in which the conclusion did not hold.



At best, this answer choice slightly weakens John's conclusion by identifying and attacking John's assumptions that Grande Restorante is an Italian restaurant and that it will be enjoyable (where he has no data to support either).



What John likes is irrelevant to his conclusion that Jane will enjoy herself based on the activities he planned.

La Traviata is Jane's least favorite opera.
John and Jane celebrated their second anniversary by eating at an Italian restaurant and going to  the opera, but Jane was satisfied with neither.
Grande Restorante is a fairly new restaurant, and neither John nor Jane has eaten there before.  
John likes Mexican food and Jazz music.
Grande Restorante is considered the best Italian restaurant in town.