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Statistics: Mode

| Score | Number of students | |-------|--------------------| | 20 | 4 | | 21 | 2 | | 22 | 5 | | 23 | 1 | The table shows scores of twelve students in a science class. What is the mode of the scores listed?
Incorrect. [[snippet]] This is a trap answer choice. The number 5 is indeed the greatest __number of students__ who scored a certain score, but it is not a score. Since the question asked for the mode of the scores, the result has to be one of the scores (i.e., the numbers in the left column).
Incorrect. [[snippet]]
Correct. [[snippet]] The table is shorthand for the list of scores: >$$\{20, \ 20, \ 20, \ 20, \ 21, \ 21, \ 22, \ 22, \ 22, \ 22, \ 22, \ 23\}$$. The number 22 occurs the most often in the list of scores given in the question. Therefore, 22 is the mode.
Incorrect. [[snippet]] There are four 20s in the list, but another score occurs more often.
Incorrect. [[snippet]] There is only one 23 in the list. Other scores occur more often.