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Reading Comprehension: Detail Function Questions

In the context of discursive constructivism, the author uses the words "new reality" to denote a new form of

That's right!


To the feminists described in this passage, something is the way it is (i.e. reality) because of how we perceive it, and we express these perceptions via language. Therefore, for them, language is the key to a new reality.



Although it is logical to think that these feminists would like to create new gender relations, the information in the passage does not lead us to this conclusion. Remember that the question asks us about discursive constructivism, which is concerned specifically with the thinking behind gender relations.



These feminists are not only concerned with vocabulary but with language as a whole.



From the context of this passage, we know that these feminists are less concerned with social relations than the perceptions of reality which underlie them.



Our perceptions of reality are shared by both women and men, and therefore we cannot say that only women's acceptance of our male-centric society is problematic.

social relations, as currently they serve to put women in a position subservient to men
vocabulary, as existing words impose patriarchal discourses on women
feminist thought, as women's acceptance of our male-centric society serves to subjugate them to men
gender relations, as men's attitudes towards women serve as the basis of the patriarchal discourses which suffuse our language
language, as it is the mechanism by which we define and then create the outside world