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Reading Comprehension: Structure Questions

The function of the second paragraph is to

Very good!


The first paragraph asserts that examining the philosophy of language proves itself especially important in feminist discourse. The second paragraph, which explains that language is inherently male and therefore is harmful to women, shows why language plays such an important role for feminists.



The second paragraph argues that language is inherently male and discriminates against women. The third paragraph, however, concludes that it is not entirely correct to say that the entirety of a language enforces a discriminatory narrative.



Our Initial Reading tells us that, in the third paragraph, the author disagrees with the feminists who argue that language is entirely discriminatory towards women. The second paragraph, however, expresses the idea that language is entirely male and therefore harmful to women - the feminists' approach.



The second paragraph elaborates on the feminist application of discursive constructivism. Neither here nor anywhere else in the passage does the author discuss the validity of discursive constructivism as an approach in general.



The debate over the discriminatory nature of language begins in the second paragraph, not the first, which merely provides information to this debate. Moreover, the third paragraph presents the author's opinion on this debate, but does not introduce any definitive evidence that resolves it.

explain an assertion presented in the first paragraph
present an argument which the third paragraph reinforces
introduce the author's interpretation of a concept developed in the first paragraph
provide support for the approach of discursive constructivism presented in the first paragraph
introduce a point of view in a debate begun in the first paragraph and resolved in the third paragraph