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Reading Comprehension: Inference Questions

The author would most likely describe the quest to assess personality as



By stating that results of the quest to assess personality can only be as accurate as realistically possible, the author implies that personality cannot be assessed completely (making it elusive). However, the author believes that it should be done anyway (meaning that she or he finds it worthwhile).



Assessing personality is anything but straight-forward, according to this passage. The author has described a multifaceted debate surrounding just two types of personality tests, which are only some of the methods the author suggests should be used to assess personality.



Although the last sentence tells us that an assessment of personality cannot be completely accurate, this does not mean that it is unfeasible. If the author believed it to be unfeasible, she or he would not suggest that it should be done.



There is no information that suggests that assessing personality is time-consuming. Although the author tells us that more than just personality tests are needed to assess personality, we do not know what these other methods are or how long they take.



If the author believed personality assessment to be impractical, he or she would not recommend that it be done (as he or she does in the first sentence of the fifth paragraph).

interesting yet impractical
time-consuming yet rewarding
thought-provoking yet unfeasible
elusive yet worthwhile
challenging yet straight-forward