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Reading Comprehension: Application Questions

Which of the following is most analogous to personality tests as a tool to analyze personality?

That's right!


A puzzle piece is used as part of a whole picture, however, if viewed by itself, it shows a distorted view.



Such a drawing, although flawed, shows a picture of the entire human form, not part of it.



Although a broken button is a flawed part of a coat, neither the button nor the coat are used as tools to portray a picture of something else.



Although this photograph is flawed, it is not a part of anything else but shows a complete picture of a person.



Although an x-ray machine is one of the tools a doctor uses to assess a person's health, the machine in this answer choice does not provide a flawed picture.

an anatomically incorrect drawing of the human figure
an x-ray machine
a broken button on a coat
a photograph, frayed at the edges, of a person
a piece in a puzzle