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Reading Comprehension: Inference Questions

It could be inferred from the passage that education



Both references to education in the passage use it as a reason that wage gaps are or should be closing, meaning that the more education a person has, the more money he or she can expect to make.



We know that the author attributes the shrinking of the wage gap between men and women to education. There is nothing in the passage that suggests that this process cannot continue until the wage gap is completely closed.



There is no information in the passage to support this statement. We only know that the rate of women's education, especially that of working mothers, is increasing.



This answer choice does not make logically agree with the first sentence of the passage, which tells us that as women's education levels increase, the wage gap between women and men is shrinking. This would imply that education is indeed a positive asset for women.



The passage does not mention education in relation to one's status in society but rather to the wages one receives.

gives a person a higher status in society
is only a positive asset for men
is not available to women at the same rate it is available to men
cannot completely close the wage gap between a man and a woman
should affect the level of a person's salary