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Reading Comprehension: Detail Questions

Which of the following is stated in the passage as Napoleon's goal in warfare?

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The passage states that Napoleon's main objective was the complete destruction of the enemy’s main body. The main body of an army, as its name suggests, is where most of the troops in that army may be found.



Surprising the enemy was one of Napoleon's means to his goal, but not the goal itself.



The author does not mention wealth or power in the passage at all.



Although we know that Napoleon managed to conquer all of continental Europe, the passage does not state that this was his goal.



The passage tells us that Napoleon's tactics (his means of reaching his goal) were based on maintaining the initiative. However, those tactics are not the goal itself - they are merely the means to achieving his goal.

obtaining wealth and power
surprising the enemy
destroying most of the enemy's troops
dominating all of continental Europe
maintaining the initiative