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Reading Comprehension: Detail Function Questions

The author refers to the custom at that time in order to



This answer choice merely restates the content of the detail, but does not explain its function. The sentence provides a comparison between Napoleon and other armies in order to make a point about the changes Napoleon made in military thought.



We know nothing about public reaction to either Napoleon's methods or the customary methods of feeding soldiers.



The author does not praise or criticize Napoleon's methods but shows that they were innovative for their time.



The author thinks that Napoleon's methods were better than those of his opponents, not inferior to them, as noted by the presentation of the fact that Napoleon's soldiers learned to live off the land.

Good work!


Without the mention of the normal ways in which armies fed their soldiers, we would not see the striking contrast between those ways of the new ways of Napoleon.

imply that public opinion rejected Napoleon's innovations
describe the way armies fed their soldiers during that time
emphasize the innovative nature of Napoleon's military thinking
argue that Napoleon's methods of feeding his armies were inadequate
criticize Napoleon's refusal to comply with the standards of warfare