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Reading Comprehension: Structure Questions

The first paragraph fulfills which of the following functions?



The first paragraph presents Napoleon's military strategies, and the second and third paragraphs provide examples of how those strategies were used.



The first sentence of the passage states that Napoleon's strategies are still studied today because of his great military achievements. Therefore, it would be wrong to speak of them as forgotten.



Although it may seem from the first sentence of the passage that the author is interested in discussing why modern scholars still study Napoleon, our Initial Reading reveals that this issue is not discussed further in the passage, so the "problem" is not solved.



The first paragraph makes a series of descriptive statements, not arguments, about Napoleon's tactics. These statements are supported, rather than disproved, by the remainder of the passage.



The first paragraph does not describe any controversial issues, nor does it portray the author's opinion about any issue. The first paragraph is only made up of descriptive statements.

It presents a problem to be solved.
It introduces a topic, examples of which are discussed in the second and third paragraphs.
It introduces an historical figure whose achievements have been forgotten.
It makes an argument to be disproved.
It presents the author's opinion about a controversial issue.