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Reading Comprehension: Detail Questions

Which of the following is mentioned in the passage as the main reason that people are not aware of the true state of the world?

Good work!


The passage states that statistics are presented in a dull fashion, which is the main reason why most people are not familiar with them. Cost is added as another factor, the dull presentation of statistics is a factor even in cases where cost is not.



The passage tells us that the way in which statistics are presented is boring, not the science of statistics themselves.

Also, this answer choice indicates a lack of respect to the noble people who study statistics, and is thus not likely to be the right answer in a GMAT question. The GMAT stresses politically correctness and respect for professionals.



The passage explicitly states that the data are available but are either too expensive to access or are presented in too dull a fashion.



The author says that access to statistics can often be expensive, but also says that it is sometimes free.



Although the first sentence of the passage tells us that preconceived notions of the world interfere with our knowledge of its true state, we have no information in the passage to tell us that people do not wish to change their ideas.

The science of statistics is boring.
People need permission to access statistics.
Reading statistics costs too much.
The manner in which statistics are presented is not appealing to most people.
People prefer not to shatter their preconceived notions of the world.