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Reading Comprehension: Application Questions

Which of the following, if true, best supports the author's theory that the internet is responsible for the sharp decline in newspaper circulation and revenue?



According to this answer choice, when there is less competition from the internet, newspapers thrive, a fact which strengthens the conclusion that effective competition from the internet has affected newspaper profits.



This statement weakens, not strengthens, the author's theory. In this instance, competition from online news sources does not cause a decline in newspaper sales.



This statement weakens the author's theory; it provides a reason that reading news online would be less attractive to readers than newspapers, whereas the author's theory suggests that it is more attractive.



This statement offers an alternative explanation to the author's theory. If news readers were more environmentally conscious, they would stop reading newspapers, but the resulting decrease in circulation would not be the fault of the Internet.



We cannot presume that news readers prefer shorter stories; some readers may prefer to read just the headlines whereas others may prefer a detailed picture of the events of the day. Hence, this answer choice does nothing to support the author's case.

News that is posted online tends to be shorter than news reported in a newspaper.
News readers are becoming more environmentally conscious and prefer not to produce paper waste.
Many readers find flashy online advertising impedes their ability to focus on the news.
In countries with low rates of Internet usage, newspaper profits have risen steadily for many years.
Avid consumers of news on the Internet are also likely to read news in newspapers.