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Critical Reasoning: Conclusion Weakening Questions

Which of the following, if true, most weakens the author's theory that journalism may be saved by increasing the quality of its product?

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This answer choice exposes the author's assumption by showing that people do not necessarily want reliable news.



This answer choice strengthens the author's theory. If advertisers are attracted to high quality sites, it would provide another reason why newspaper companies should aim to produce more high quality news.



This answer choice does not relate to the author's theory. The type of products being advertised does not necessarily affect the amount of money an advertiser is willing to pay to advertise on a website.



This answer choice does not mention whether the expenses will outweigh the possible benefits; for example, the money brought in by quality reporting could exceed that of what a company has to pay its staff.



This answer choice strengthens rather than weakens the author's theory. According to this answer choice, websites become less popular if they are of lower quality, which suggests that to become popular (and be able to attract advertisers) newspaper companies need to increase the reliability of their online product.

The majority of people are most attracted to websites that feature rumors and gossip, not substantive news.
Advertisers are more attracted to high quality sites because they feel those sites give them a better reputation.
Reputable journalism attracts advertising for reputable, up-scale products.
The increase in reporters' salaries that accompanies an increase in quality journalism will cost the newspaper industry a substantial amount of money.
When it is revealed that a website reports the wrong information, people are more likely to avoid that website in the future.