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Reading Comprehension: Inference Questions

Which of the following may be inferred about advertising-sponsored online journalism?



According to the passage, the decision to rely solely on online advertising was harmful to the industry's finances; we can infer therefore that the revenue online advertising provides is not enough to boost the news companies profitability.



This answer choice goes beyond the scope of the passage. Although this could be a plausible reason that newspaper companies changed their business model, the companies' expectations of this move are neither stated nor implied in the passage.



Although this may be true, there is no information in the passage to support this claim.



Although we know that newspaper companies elected to stop receiving revenue from sales and subscriptions in favor of revenue from online advertising, we do not know whether online advertising provides more, less, or the same amount of revenue.



Notice that the author calls this change in the newspapers' business model detrimental, i.e., harmful.

It is more beneficial for the newspaper companies than their previous business model.
It provides a similar amount of revenue to that provided by sales and subscriptions.
Journalists write stories that will appeal most to their advertisers' wishes in order to increase the revenue from them.
Newspaper companies were convinced that it would prove dramatically more lucrative than newspaper sales and subscriptions had in the past.
It currently does not provide enough revenue to improve the newspaper companies' profitability.