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Reading Comprehension: Inference Questions

Which of the following is implied by the fact that both stages of crystallization will continue to occur as long as the solution remains saturated?

Excellent work!


Because the crystallization process is constantly occurring, new nuclei form after other nuclei have already started growing, making the resulting crystals of different sizes. Also, from the sentence

Once the nuclei have reached critical size, the second stage of crystallization, crystal growth, can occur.

we get that the transition from one stage to another is a matter of size (critical size means move to second stage). If both stages occur simultaneously, this means that we have crystals of varying sizes - some that have reached critical size, and some that haven't.



The passage states that a solution must be saturated in order for crystals to form. This does not mean that any saturated solution will form crystals.



We know that nucleation and crystal growth are always occurring when the solution is saturated, but we do not have any information about the rate at which they occur.



The passage provides information about how crystals form in solutions, but this does not mean crystals cannot form in other environments.



Although we know that nucleation and crystal growth are continuous once they have begun, the author does not imply that crystal growth makes nucleation easier or more likely to occur.

Any saturated solution will produce crystals.
Crystal growth occurs faster than nucleation.
Solutions are the only environments that support crystallization.
The crystals which form from solutions are not of uniform size.
After crystals begin to grow, it becomes easier for stable nuclei to form.