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Critical Reasoning: Paradox Questions

Many people start working out in a gym in order to become fitter. When surveyed a month after joining the gym, a large majority of these people report a high level of satisfaction with having joined a gym although the typical gym member gains, on average, 3 pounds in the first month after joining the gym.

Which of the following resolves the seeming discrepancy described above?



This answer choice clears everything up - if working out makes you lose fat but gain muscles, it explains why most people who wanted to get fit are happier, even though they put on 3 pounds on average. That's three pounds of muscles!



This answer choice basically repeats the information provided by the second premise. Stating that the large majority of people are satisfied means that the rest of the people - a small minority - are unsatisfied.



This answer choice is irrelevant to the argument. Since the topic of physical injury is not discussed, it cannot help us resolve the paradox.



This answer choice actually strengthens the discrepancy as it further validates one of the seemingly contradicting premises. It does so by stating that another survey showed the same thing.



This answer choice actually emphasizes the paradox - if weight loss is the only way a gym can satisfy its members, then how can gaining weight still leave those members satisfied?

Not all people surveyed were satisfied with their gyms.
Working out in a gym increases muscle tissue and decreases fat tissue, which improves one's fitness.
People that are new to working out in a gym are not more prone to physical injury than those that are experienced members.
A similar survey conducted among gym members two months after they had joined a gym had very similar results.
The only reason for satisfaction with a gym is the amount of weight lost after joining it.