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Reading Comprehension: Structure Questions

One function of the first paragraph is to

Very good!


The discussion of supersaturation in the second paragraph relies on the knowledge of saturation provided in the first paragraph.



Although the first paragraph mentions other disciplines' usages of the term saturation, it does not make any comparisons between their usage of the term and chemistry's usage.



The fourth paragraph describes polymorphism and the effects of supersaturation, not saturation, to this phenomenon. Therefore, it relies on the second paragraph rather than the first.



The fourth paragraph does not describe an application of saturation but one of supersaturation.



The third paragraph describes crystallization, which is a phenomenon affected by saturation; it does not provide a further description of saturation. Hence, it cannot be said to further discuss the same phenomenon as the first paragraph.

provide a framework for the discussion in the second paragraph
define a term and compare its usage within one discipline to its usages in others
introduce a topic which fulfills an essential function for the phenomenon described in the fourth paragraph
describe a concept whose applications are detailed in the third and fourth paragraphs
discuss a phenomenon which is described further in the third paragraph