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Reading Comprehension: Detail Function Questions

The author mentions that some scientists hypothesize that the gene for vasotocin split in order to



The author does not include him or herself in the group of scientists who support the hypothesis in question but instead maintains a neutral position in regards to this theory.



The author does not make any remarks about the scientists themselves.



Labeling the theory as belonging to 'some scientists', i.e., not all scientists does not give it scientific validity ('scientists agree that...' would be better). Because the author writes only about some scientists, it is more likely that he or she attempt to present this theory as something not widely agreed on.



The word some only indicates that not all scientists agree with this theory. We have no information about exactly how many scientists agree or disagree and whether this group is a minority.



While the author may or may not agree with this hypothesis, the words some scientists do not necessarily mean the author disagrees with the theory. They only indicate not all scientists agree on this theory.

emphasize that she or he does not necessarily support the ideas that follow
praise this group of scientists
provide scientific authority to the theory that follows
indicate that this group of scientists is a minority in the scientific community
suggest that the author does not find the ideas that follow to be valid