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Reading Comprehension: Structure Questions

One function of the third paragraph is to

Very nice!


The third paragraph raises the issue of oxytocin's evolutionary history, a topic which was not mentioned in the previous paragraphs.



The first paragraph discusses how oxytocin controls an important maternal functions, but it is the second paragraph, not the third, which provides an example of such a function (maternal behavior).



The passage does not shift its focus away from oxytocin in the third paragraph; the purpose of the third paragraph is to discuss oxytocin's evolutionary history, as shown through the structure of vasopressin.



The second paragraph discusses oxytocin's role in maternal behavior, which the third paragraph does not discuss at all.



The first paragraph describes the place in the brain where oxytocin is formed and what cells are responsible for its formation, whereas the third paragraph discusses oxytocin's evolutionary history as seen through its structural similarities to another hormone.

introduce a topic not yet raised in the passage
shift the passage's focus from oxytocin to vasopressin
continue the discussion begun in the second paragraph
expand further on an issue raised in the first paragraph
provide an example of the author's theory presented in the first paragraph