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Reading Comprehension: Main Idea Questions

Which of the following best summarizes the contents of the passage?



This answer choice is too narrow. The author's solutions to the problem of hospital admissions are the topic of the fourth paragraph.



This answer choice incorrectly claims readmittance is beneficial to Medicare and detrimental to insurance companies. According to the passage, both Medicare and insurance companies lose money due to readmittance, while hospitals gain from it.



While the author does suggest a solution for the problem of hospital readmissions, he or she remains unassociated and does not represent Medicare and the insurance providers. The passage therefore does not report anything about Medicare looking for a solution.



Although this answer choice seems plausible, the passage does not state or imply any actions that hospitals might take against the proposed solutions to the problem of hospital readmissions.

Good work!


This answer choice correctly includes the topics of all four paragraphs: the high frequency of hospital readmissions, their problematic nature for insurance providers and Medicare, their beneficial nature for hospitals and the possible solutions to the problem.

Action must be taken to solve the problem of hospital readmissions by changing the way hospitals are reimbursed for readmissions.
Hospitals are at odds with both insurance providers and Medicare because the high rate of hospital readmissions is beneficial to the former but detrimental to the latter.
Because of the high rate of hospital admissions and the high costs associated with it, Medicare and insurance providers are looking for a way to lower the costs by making the hospitals pay for readmissions instead of benefiting from them.
Hospitals plan on protesting the solutions to the hospital readmissions problem suggested by Medicare and insurance providers because they rely on the revenue from the high rate of readmissions.
Because of the high frequency of hospital readmissions and the financial drain they cause on Medicare and insurance providers, a solution must be found that will stop hospitals from benefiting from readmissions.