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Reading Comprehension: Inference Questions

The author of the passage would most likely describe Professor Aronson as



Although we know that the author thinks Professor Aronson's research is important, we have no reason to think that it is considered influential.



The author is highly supportive of Professor Aronson and her research and would not categorize it as misguided.

Good work!


We can infer that Professor Aronson was careful to choose her sources wisely and discerned between what past research would help her own studies and what would not.



The passage states that although she made some changes, Professor Aronson based her work on past research.



This answer choice is too extreme. Professor Aronson's work is based on past research and she therefore cannot be considered a daring and groundbreaking researcher.

an important and influential researcher
intelligent but misguided
resourceful and discerning
an inventive and original researcher
a daring and groundbreaking researcher