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Reading Comprehension: Detail Questions

According to the passage, which of the following is true of the bog people's manner of death?



This answer choice is an inference based on the fact that some bodies were found with ropes that had been used to hang them. However, we are supposed to look for what is stated in the passage; furthermore, we cannot infer that all the bog people were killed in this manner.



The passage states that although the bodies seem to support the idea that they were human sacrifices, it is impossible to make any conclusive statements. In other words, the passage does not state that the bog people were human sacrifices.



Although the passage states that the bog people were probably killed in the same manner that was used for executing criminals, it does not state that they were criminals that committed crimes.



The passage explicitly states that the wounds on the bog people's bodies were possibly signs of torture; we do not know this for certain. Look for a more definite answer choice.

Good work!


The passage tells us that the bodies show signs of cuts and wounds and that some bodies still had the ropes used to strangle them.

They were killed as human sacrifices.
They were executed in a manner befitting the crimes they committed.
They had been tortured before death.
Their bodies still show physical signs of their manner of death.
They were all killed by hanging.