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Reading Comprehension: Detail Function Questions

The author mentions that  "there are thus grounds for thinking that both men met their deaths in winter or early spring" in order to do which of the following?



The author presents his or her theory about the time of the bog people's death but also ensures that the reader knows that this theory hasn't been proven yet.



The phrase there are grounds (reasons) for thinking indicates the author wants to stress that the theory presented is backed by some evidence (the fruit traces), even if it isn't conclusive yet. The author does not use it to indicate scientists have no plausible reason to believe this theory.



Although we do learn similar facts about both men, this is not the purpose of this detail in the passage. This sentence focuses on the author's theory of when the bog people died and what this means about their cause of death.



The assertion that the bog people were human sacrifices is supported by the fact that they died in winter or early spring. Therefore, if the author wanted to cast doubt on this assertion, he would not indicate that there are reasons to believe the bog people died at that time.

The author does not question the theory he or she presents but merely wishes to be accurate by indicating it hasn't been proven yet.



While the author does attempt to explain the evidence found in the bog people, he or she also have a reservation about the certainty of that explanation, otherwise they would use the phrase: "because both men met their deaths in winter or early spring".

This mild tone of caution is better reflected in another answer choice. Look for it!

make clear that the author's point of view is a theory and not fact
indicate that scientists can only guess when the bog people died
compare the Tollund man and the Grauballe man
cast doubt on the assertion made later in the paragraph
offer an explanation for the unusual contents in the Grauballe man's and Tollund man's stomachs