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Reading Comprehension: Detail Questions

The author of the passage mentions which of the following as an example of the extent to which early Americans were similar to their European military counterparts?

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The passage states that Washington arranged or structured his army as a copy of the British army he was fighting.



The government of Connecticut did not form a partnership with Massachusetts but refused to help its neighboring colony.



Although we know that Massachusetts' actions were considered below the civilized code of conduct, this is the opinion of the government of Connecticut, not the Europeans.



The passage states that Washington, although he modeled his army after the British army, could not bring his army to the latter's professional level.



The passage gives us no information about the style of fighting used by Massachusetts in its fighting with Native Americans.

the government of Connecticut's partnership with its neighboring colony Massachusetts
the European reaction to Massachusetts' conflict with the Native Americans
Washington's success in bringing his recruits to the level of their British enemies
the government of Massachusetts' decision to fight the Native Americans with an army based on the British model
the way in which Washington arranged his army