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Reading Comprehension: Inference Questions

The author suggests that by modeling the Continental Army after its rival British army, George Washington



Since we know that Washington's army did not have a chance of matching the level of its the British army, we can infer that it was less likely to defeat the British army in battle.



We know from our Initial Reading that Americans had to change their initially European style of warfare to fight the Native Americans. This implies that Washington's European structure was a disadvantage against Native American forces.



Although we can infer that Washington attempted to raise the level of discipline of his troops, we do not know if he managed to overcome the limited time and resources he had to do so.



We know that Washington created a copy of the British army without the proper resources or time. Therefore, this cannot have increased his chances of defeating his enemy.



The passage provides no information about the soldiers' preference of fighting styles.

made military service unappealing to recruits used to the American style of warfare
made his army suitable for defeating the British
increased his army's level of discipline
decreased his chances of defeating the British
gave his army an advantage over Native American forces