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Reading Comprehension: Inference Questions

It can be inferred from the passage that the author thinks that, in the future, American discount airlines



Although the author stresses the problems in their business model, he or she suggests nothing about whether or not American discount airlines could survive their implications in the future.



The author ascribes the success of European airlines to the European customers preference to cheap flights. It is unlikely, therefore, that the author thinks these airlines would be successful in America and pose a threat to the American discount airlines.



The author points out that American discount airlines will run into problems in the future, but does not suggest that they have no way to deal with the situation.



While the author may imply that returning to the old model of customer service could help American discount airlines, he or she does not make a prediction that this will certainly happen.



The author mentions that the American preference of service is relevant outside of discretionary travel; however, this does not mean the author promotes focusing on discretionary travel.

will inevitably fail
will be stunted by European competition
will be threatened, but not doomed, by fundamental issues with their business model
will be threatened, but luckily will be saved by a return to the old model of customer service
will only survive by focusing on discretionary travel