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Critical Reasoning: Conclusion Weakening Questions

The author's arguments about the problems with American discount airlines would be most weakened if which of the following were discovered to be true?



This information strengthens the author's proposition that Europeans prefer to fly cheaply.



The author believes that Americans are most concerned with service; the airline in this answer choice succeeded by offering better service, so it strengthens the author's theory.



We know that Americans and Europeans have different preferences in their airlines, so it is logical that European airlines would have to change their policies when serving an American market. This answer choice strengthens the author's theory.



This answer choice strengthens the author's theory that Europeans prefer cheap flights to good customer service.

Good work!


If American and European preferences are becoming more similar, the author's idea that Americans and Europeans prefer different amenities while flying is weakened.

An extensive consumer survey revealed wealthy European customers prefer cheap flights.
An American airline, which experimented with reducing prices while maintaining high standards of customer service, has significantly increased its profits.
A number of European airlines have found that they need to adapt to American standards in order to succeed in the American market.
Recent studies reveal that, while they were disparate in the past, American and European customer preferences are drawing closer.
Expensive American airlines operating in Europe lost market share despite the excellent level of the services they provide.