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Reading Comprehension: Detail Questions

Which of the following is stated in the passage as a belief of atheistic existentialism?



This is a belief of theistic existentialism, not atheistic existentialism.



This answer choice combines the beliefs of atheistic and theistic existentialism. Atheistic existentialism does not believe in using faith to create meaning.



Although not believing in God is implied by the name atheistic existentialism, this fact is not stated in the passage.



Since atheistic existentialists believe that humans must act to create meaning in the world, they believe that people are able to change their existence.

Good job!


We know from the passage that atheistic existentialists believe that life is inherently (or, by it's very nature) absurd (lacks sense and order).

A leap of faith is required to create meaning in one's life.
There is no God.
Life, by its very nature, lacks sense and order.
People are powerless to change their existence.
Although the world is absurd, meaning can be created by a combination of human effort and faith.