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Reading Comprehension: Detail Function Questions

The author most likely discusses mainstream America's proclamations of tolerance and goodwill in order to



This passage states that the difficulties between the two groups is the result of European Americans' view of Native American culture as similar to their own. The passage does not imply that Native Americans have a part in this misunderstanding.



The passage states that despite these proclamations of goodwill, cultural problems still exist between the two groups.



Proclamations of goodwill did not cause the hostilities but were an attempt to mend the situation.



Although the sentence does commend mainstream America, this is not the purpose of the detail in the passage. The passage mentions these proclamations in relation to the difficulties between Native and European Americans.

Good job!


We know that there was an historical problem between Native and European Americans, and the author uses this detail to show that mainstream America did not purposefully or maliciously misinterpret Native American culture.

argue that European Americans are not the only ones at fault for the difficulties between European and Native Americans
discuss a solution to the cultural problems between European and Native Americans
emphasize that mainstream America's misunderstanding of Native American culture is not the result of bad intentions
explain the reason behind Native American and European American hostilities
praise mainstream America for its tolerance and goodwill