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Reading Comprehension: Inference Questions

What does the passage suggest about the Klamaths' attitude towards plants?



The author does not state or imply any information about the significance of the Klamaths' attitudes towards plants to their culture. We only have information about how those attitudes influence basket making.



The Klamath believe that plants, just like humans, deserve respect and thanks for their active efforts. 



Although we know that the Klamath believe that thanking the plants is important, they do so in order to be polite or because they think that the plants' active participation deserves appreciation.



The Klamath thank plants not out of fear of upsetting the natural balance but out of respect.



The passage does not give us any indication that the Klamath worry about the anger or wrath of the plants. Instead, the Klamath thank plants out of respect for their contribution to basket making.

The Klamaths' attitudes towards plants is a defining feature of their culture.
The Klamath believe that plants have some characteristics in common with humans.
They believe that offering thanks to the plants helps them to create better baskets.
They believe that basket making upsets the natural balance between plants and humans.
They believe that plants need to be appeased.