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Reading Comprehension: Application Questions

Which of the following statements would provide the best continuation of the final paragraph?



This answer choice discusses possible flaws of adaptation methods, which is at odds with the topic of the second paragraph.



This answer choice connects the topic of the second paragraph with the ideas in its final sentence.



The last paragraph discusses the benefits of adaptation, not the limitations of standardization.



According to this answer choice, adapting a product to a specific market does not yield any advantages (less market share), which does not fit with the topic of the second paragraph.



The last sentence of the second paragraph stresses the importance of information about the target population. Therefore, it is illogical for the author to contradict that information.

If these methods fail to increase sales, a company would be forced to turn to another method of international marketing.
Therefore, companies with sufficient funds would do well if they invest in researching the cultural preferences of the countries whose markets they wish to penetrate.
For example, when an American toy company changed its product's packaging to feature a Chinese folk legend, its market share decreased.
These useful methods of increasing sales show why standardization is less beneficial than adaptation.
However, information about the target population is useless if a company has other methods to increase sales.