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Reading Comprehension: Inference Questions

The passage implies that ancient folk legends



We know that businesses use ancient folk legends as a way to adapt their products to certain cultures. We can infer, therefore, that ancient folk legends have a connotation, or meaning, specific to a culture.



The passage states that ancient folk legends can be used to market certain products. The passage does not state or imply that these legends would prevent or hinder marketing efforts.



Although the passage states that ancient folk legends are useful in marketing efforts overseas, it does not imply that marketing is impossible without using this particular device.



Ancient folk legends are a method used by companies who apply an adaptive marketing strategy. We know from the Initial Reading that these companies have relatively ample resources, which they can invest in researching local folklore.



The problem in this answer choice is the word global. According to the passage, using ancient folk legends requires a company to research the cultural preferences of a specific target group, the opposite of global marketing.

have culturally specific connotations
are a necessary device in overseas marketing
are a potential trade barrier
are useful for companies with limited resources
are useful in global marketing campaigns