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Reading Comprehension: Structure Questions

One function of the first paragraph is to



Although two possible methods are introduced in the first paragraph, one of them (adaptation) is elaborated upon, not criticized, in the second paragraph.



The first paragraph introduces two methods, but only presents the benefits of one (standardization).



This is the function of the second paragraph, not the first.



The key phrase here is most crucially, appearing at the end of the first sentence of the first paragraph. Among other things, the first paragraph presents a company's available resources as the most important factor in its choice of marketing method.



The first paragraph introduces two methods of international marketing. However, the passage describes their benefits in different paragraphs: standardization in the first paragraph and adaptation in the second paragraph.

present the benefits of two methods of international marketing
describe two methods of international marketing, the benefits of which are described in the second paragraph
introduce two possible methods of international marketing, one of which is criticized in the second paragraph
present the benefits of adaptation for a company with many available resources
emphasize the importance of resources in a company's choice of marketing strategy