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Reading Comprehension: Main Idea Questions

Which of the following best summarizes the content of the passage?



This answer choice is too narrow. The benefits of adaptation for a rich company are the topic of the second paragraph, not the entire passage.



Although this is a true statement, it remains too narrow to be the topic of the entire passage. The passage discusses standardization only in the first paragraph.



Although the extent to which a company is willing to meet the demands of its overseas customers is a factor in its choice of marketing method, the passage's overall focus is on a company's financial resources.



The passage deals equally with presenting the benefits of standardization for companies with few resources and the benefits of adaptation for companies with greater resources - it does not promote one over the other.



Although the passage mentions several considerations when choosing between the two, it focuses on the company's available resources. The first paragraph describes standardization (which is more beneficial to a company with few resources) and the second paragraph describes adaptation (which is more beneficial to a company with many resources).

Adaptation is a better method of international marketing than standardization for a rich company.
The decision whether to standardize or adapt a company's products relies heavily, but not exclusively, on its financial situation.
A company which decides to use standardization does so because it lacks the resources to use adaptation.
A company's choice of international marketing method depends on the extent to which it is willing to meet the demands of overseas customers.
The benefits of standardization outweigh the benefits of adaptation.