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Reading Comprehension: Detail Questions

Which of the following is mentioned in the passage about the Moon's surface?



The passage only discusses metallic iron in reference to the Moon's core, not to its surface.



The passage does not mention computer simulations in reference to the Moon's surface.



We know that the Giant Impact Hypothesis is supported by findings about the geochemical composition of the Moon's surface.



Although the mantle rock on the Moon's surface and loose rock on the Earth's surface are similar, the passage does not state that they are exactly identical.



Mantle rock is a component of the Moon's surface, and the passage tells us that it is similar to loose rock, another component, of the Earth's surface.

It is exactly identical to the Earth's surface in geochemical composition.
Its geochemical composition puts the Giant Impact Hypothesis in doubt.
Computer simulations show that its geochemical composition is similar to that of Earth.
It contains small amounts of metallic iron.
Some of its components are similar to those on Earth's surface.