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Reading Comprehension: Application Questions

Which of the following, if true, would provide support for Professor Crone's argument about an alternative trading post?



According to the passage, Professor Crone's argument is based on the fact that some early mosques faced northwest Arabia. Therefore, this answer choice weakens rather than supports her theory.



This answer choice would provide support for the argument that Mecca was not a major trading site, but it does not suggest that an area of northwest Arabia fulfilled that function instead.



Although this answer choice undermines the traditional account of Meccan trade, it does not necessarily support Professor Crone's argument.



The existence of modern trade routes does not imply that trade routes previously existed in those areas.



Large amounts of trading materials would suggest that there was a major trading post at a site in northwest Arabia, which is precisely the argument made by Professor Crone.

Archaeologists have discovered a large amount of trading materials from the early Islamic era at a site in northwest Arabia.
Modern trade routes go through northwest Arabia and not Mecca.
Archaeological evidence has recently been uncovered which casts doubt on the traditional account of Meccan trade.
During the rise of Islam, Mecca was a small town and unfit for large-scale trading.
Early mosques did not all face in the direction of northwest Arabia.