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Reading Comprehension: Main Idea Questions

The passage is primarily concerned with which of the following?



While the passage mentions when and how the Compstat strategy was devised and implemented, it is not concerned with the process of evolution - the internal development of the system or strategy over time - but rather with the strategy itself, its advantages and the system it replaced.



This answer choice is too narrow. Compstat is described as more than merely a technological system.



The passage does not propose anything. It describes a process that occurred in the past.



While the passage mentions that the system of community surveillance was replaced, that is not the main focus of the passage, but rather emphasizes the success of CompStat.

Well done!


The passage contrasts and compares two approaches to crime control and deterrence - a central mission of the police force.

Describing the evolution of a central law enforcement strategy
Justifying the adoption of technological means for social control
Proposing managerial reform to enhance organizational effectiveness
Comparing two policies designed to fulfill an organizational mission
Analyzing the decline of a system of community surveillance